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Karva Chauth 2019- 5 Tips To Look Gorgeous On The Big Day

By: Pinki Fri, 11 Oct 2019 11:59:36

Karva Chauth 2019- 5 Tips To Look Gorgeous on The Big Day

A special moment in every Indian married woman’s life, Karva Chauth, a day-long fast is done in hopes and prayers of a long life of the husband. Since there isn’t any food involved, you need another distraction aka how you look on this auspicious occasion. Start preparing your body, face, and skin couple of days ahead of the D-Day. This Karva Chauth, look your best with these beauty tips.

* Au Natural Looks

Go natural this season! Instead of dressing up, dress down this Karva Chauth by opting for a bare face. And by that, we mean you take care of your face and skin the natural way that you don’t need to use makeup at all! Use homemade face masks, sugar scrubs, and home remedies to keep your natural glow. Start by prepping your skin a week in advance with baby oil massages right before bed, Eye cream around your eyes every night will make it less dull the next day. A good tip is to wipe off all your day makeup as soon as your home so that it gives your skin more time to breathe and be free.

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* Trendy Hairstyles

From chic buns to over the top hairdos, during Karva Chauth anything is good. But the modern woman knows better than to waste time on her hair and makeup right? Turn to easy hair tutorials on the internet instead. Any hair shape, type, and length can be transformed into creative and trendy hairstyles with just some pins and braids. Obviously, you can accessorize it all with fancy hair ties, statement bobby pins, and even studded hair nets. Fishtail braids, slicked back hair and upgraded ponytails are all the rage right now.

* Minimalistic Makeup

Your eyes are the best assets so it’s logical you want to highlight it right? Opt for minimalistic makeup but go bold on and around your eyes. Trendy eyeshadow colors like glitter or gold are a favorite this festive seasons. Let’s not overdo but the regular kajal can be swapped for a colorful eyeliner or a sharp cat eye. Pick light blush colors in peach and pinks that will highlight your cheekbones. Lips colors in pastel shades are equally good since we’re going for minimal makeup. Don’t forget to add mascara and you’re ready!

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* Drink Up

Your body is going to be needing all the water it can get. Prior to the day, start prepping your body by drinking plenty of water every day. Hydrating your body is necessary. It naturally keeps you feeling fresh and active. It gives and boosts your natural glow and some claim it even helps you lose weight! So what are you waiting for? Instead of coffee or caffeine drinks, turn to green tea that will act as a natural cleanser and remove the toxins from your body. Drink up and get that natural glow this Karva Chauth.

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