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Loosing Skin Moisture In Winters, Get It Back With These Easy Steps

By: Sandeep Thu, 21 Dec 2017 06:04:50

Loosing Skin Moisture in Winters, Get it Back With These Easy Steps

To look gorgeous, you need not only good clothes and accessories but also beautiful skin. In winters, it is very difficult to maintain the moisture and beauty of skin. Skin has to face several harsh situations like cold winds and low levels of humidity. You need to moisturize them well. If not cared well dry skin will lead to cracking and bleeding. To maintain beauty and glow of the skin, your daily care requires some changes. We have brought tips that will help to lock your moisture in winters. Try out these simple tips to retain skin moisture in winters.

* Bath

In winters, people like to take bath and shower with hot water. Instead of using hot water, it is advised to use lukewarm water. As lukewarm water extract lesser oils from skin and make you feel better too so make sure to use it only.

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* Protect your skin

In winters, your skin moisture will be snatched by cold winds and snow. So, always keep yourself protected by wearing scarves and gloves. It is equally important to apply sun block to shield from Sun damage.

* Immediate moisturizing

When you take bath, skin loses moisture. Hence, it is needed to moisturize it just after bathe. If moisture is applied to wet skin then it better retains in skin. Make it a habit to keep moisturizing lotion or cream in your bathroom.

* Hydrate yourself

In winters, you tend to drink more of hot beverages like tea and coffee. But importance of water cannot be replaced by any drink. Water helps to retain moisture of skin. So, keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water.

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