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4 Ways To Make Your Temporary Straightening Last Long

By: Pinki Tue, 11 July 2017 7:00:01

4 Ways To Make Your Temporary Straightening Last Long

Straight hair is in the trend of these days. Every other girl you see on the road has poker straight hair which is the cause of envy for many who don’t. Straight hair doesn’t only look good but also is very easy to style. But is achieving straight hair easy? Well, it is if you have a good straightener in your kitty.

Permanent hair straightening is generally expensive and needs a lot of hair care which is a pain for some who don’t have time. Temporary straightening is something which everyone can afford and it is hassle free too. And temporary straightening can be done at home using a good straightener.

make your temporary straightening last long

1. Always condition your hair every time you apply a shampoo. This not only helps to keep hair smooth but also makes hair manageable and frizz-free. You can try out the Reverse conditioning process which is to condition your hair first, shampoo it and then condition again. This will make sure to make your straight hair last long and beautiful.

2. Always apply shampoos designed for straight hair. Not every shampoo has the power to keep hair straight for long, so an expert hand is must.

3. Serums are the ultimate best friend to keep hair smooth and damage free. Always apply serums to the lower part of the hair. Don’t apply it to the scalp.

4. Hair Masks are really a boon when it comes to straight hair. Apply a mask once a week to get super soft hair.

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