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Perfect And Easy Guide To Use Blending Sponge

By: Sandeep Mon, 02 Mar 2020 12:38:40

Perfect and Easy Guide To Use Blending Sponge

'Blending Sponge’ – an indispensable item that is found more than one in the makeup kits of professionals. We also can’t ignore the requisite of this small piece of sponge applicator while doing our own makeup at home, can we? But like all other makeup items, this one should also be used the right way to get prime results. Confused? Yes, there are a whole lot of women who have been using this apparently simple makeup tool totally wrong. Here is your guide to using the blending sponge like a pro by fixing the critical mistakes immediately:

* Run the blending sponge under water for at least 20 seconds while squeezing it gently. Once the tool gets completely wet, it will become softer, fluffier, and larger. Now, squeeze the excess water out or simply soak it up by using a soft towel. The sponge must not be sopping wet but there should be a dash of moisture left inside.

* Pump out a little foundation on the back of your hand (or any other flat hard surface of your choice) and dip a part of the sponge into it to pick up the product. Do not take too much foundation at a time on the sponge. Rather, apply slowly and keep layering as needed.

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* Apply the makeup to the skin by using the blending sponge in small, gentle strokes. Then, stipple or bounce the tool all over your face for seamless blending. Make sure that you apply slight pressure while tapping it against the skin.

* For spot treatment, apply concealer to the affected part of the skin by patting with your ring finger. Then, blend it nicely by using a corner of the blending sponge. In the case of Beautyblender, the pointed edge will make your task easy.

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