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This Diwali Give Yourself Salon Like Clean-up At Home

By: Pinki Sun, 15 Oct 2017 1:54:52

This Diwali Give Yourself Salon Like Clean-up at Home

With cleaning your house for Diwali, your face might have got full of dust and dirt. With your houses ready for Diwali, you need to make your face ready too. Although, there is not an urgent need of a proper facial at every age, regular clean-ups are sufficient and can be implemented even at the comfort of your home to bring a healthy luster to your skin. These clean-ups improve the blood circulation and remove the impurities of the skin from deep within.

# Cleanse

Milk acts as an excellent cleanser to bring out impurities from deep down in your skin. Cleanse your face using a cotton swab dipped in raw milk. Massage your face using it in circular motion to remove all dirt/dust. You can also wash your face before doing this, with your favorite herbal cleanser – in case you’ve been outside for the whole day. Curd is a natural bleaching agent which deep cleanses your skin, while enhancing its tone – use this as your cleanser, if you wish to lighten the unwanted hair on your face. It works great for oily skin too.

# Scrub

Take three teaspoons of powdered coffee beans with one tbsp milk, one tbsp honey along with a 5-6 seeds of khus-khus (poppy seeds). Mix it together in a way that it reaches the density of apaste. Now, apply this concoction to scrub off all the dead cells while massaging in upward direction and wash off to encounter refreshed and glowing skin. Make sure you apply it till it semi-dries before washing. You can also add fruit-juice of any seasonal fruit to add to the remedy’s effects; like orange juice in winters, to infuse skin-brightening properties and watermelon pulp during summer season to revive the skin in minutes.

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# Tone

As scrubbing is most likely to open up the skin pores, leaving it quite vulnerable for redness, acne and more – one should apply a toner right after washing off their scrub. For preparing a homemade toner – boil few leaves of neem and pudina (mint leaves) in two glasses of water and drain when half of it evaporates. Cool this mixture and apply it using a cotton swab to tone down your freshly cleansed skin. You may store the rest of it in a bottle in your refrigerator to future usage. The antiseptic and cooling properties of neem and mint leaves will disinfect your skin and likely leave you with a tingling sensation thereafter!

# Pack

A simple homemade face pack can be made by mixing calamine powder, honey, sandalwood powder and fresh cream (malai) with few drops of almond oil. Apply it on your face for 10-12 minutes and wash off to reveal silky and smooth skin. The honey will hydrate your skin and malai will nourish and protect it from the wintery chill. Applying this pack will not only smoothen the skin texture but helps reveal fresh, revived and glowing skin for a great season ahead.

# Moisturize

Prepare a very smooth paste by adding a ripe banana and 1 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp honey along with few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash off to get smoother skin. Banana and honey are natural moisturisers and therefore will endow innate nourishment to your skin. This mask is also a super anti-wrinkle mask and is considered best for bidding adieu to signs of ageing too!

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