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This Monsoon Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp In Natural Ways

By: Pinki Mon, 18 June 2018 09:02:57

This Monsoon Get Rid of Itchy Scalp in Natural Ways

Monsoon is a welcome break from the sun shining on our heads. However, no need to feel so happy as it brings a lot along with it, be it in terms of beauty or distress. Monsoon turns on several problems related to skin, hair and feet. The excessive levels of humidity and persistent drenching in the rain can make your hair prone to countless bacteria and fungi. Thus, there is a great possibility that you will fall victim to hair problems like dandruff, dry, dull and frizzy hair with itchy scalp during this rainy season.

The itchy scalp can happen due to many reasons – dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, parasitic conditions, fungal infections, allergic reactions, inadequate dietary habits or carelessness over hair care. To get rid of such problems, a proper hair care routine is required to maintain the health and good looks of your hair.

* Regular hair wash

Keep your scalp clean. A dirty scalp can never give you healthy and strong hair. As the rainwater is full of chemicals and impurities, wash your hair as frequently as required with a gentle and light shampoo.

* Proper conditioning

Conditioning is a must! After every hair wash, always remember to condition your scalp especially during rainy season. This softens and smoothens out your hair and gives it a shiny and silky feel.

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* Keep hair dry

You need to realise that dampness damages the quality of hair, causing hair breakage and itchy scalp. So keep your hair dry completely using a bath towel. This is the season when the amount of hair loss increases four times. So to avoid this, keep the hair dry.

* Let the hair dry naturally

Avoid use of dryers and blowers to dry the hair during this wet season. It will only adds more damage to your hair. The heat coming from the dryer only cause more harm to your hair than strong.

* Go natural

Home made remedies are the best to pamper your hair. Application of fenugreek paste is most recommended during this season. As it has disinfectant properties which help to keep dandruff and scalp infections far. Other home remedies include banana, yogurt, avocado oil, egg whites, honey, lemon juice, aloe vera gel and tree tea oil.

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