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This Power Fruit Has Ample Of Benefits For Your Skin

By: Pinki Wed, 01 Jan 2020 11:53:44

This Power Fruit Has Ample of Benefits For Your Skin

There is a new exotic power fruit that looks a lot like lemon. Yuzu, or also known as citrus junos, is a fruit that originates from Central China and Tibet. It has a bumpy outer skin and it is tart. It’s tartness apparently is said to taste like mandarin, lemon and grapefruit combined. Due to it’s tartness, it isn’t usually consumed as a fruit alone.

# Yuzu have double the number of vitamin C that you can find in a normal lemon fruit. And it also have an important agent of anti-aging called flavonoids. Both these agents are essential for anti aging because it can fight free radicals. Free radicals are an inescapable thing that is naturally formed in our body. But it can also be dangerous.

# Yuzu can make your skin looks shiny and healthy with it’s vitamin c. Vitamin C actually improves the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is an important substance in your skin. If you lack it you can have a skin damage which causes cracked and dry skin. But when you have enough you can have a great skin.

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# Acne is a major problem for teens and young adult. It makes us insecure and we use a lot of things to cover it up. But by consuming yuzu, you can prevent it right away. Vitamin A in yuzu protects your skin from bacteria and bad elements that is the base of acne. The abundant vitamin c in yuzu fruit also reduces swelling that makes the appearance of your acne looks small. This citrus also have a substance called citric acid. Citric acid can help you exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

# Whether you are travelling at an exotic place or just hanging around in the sun, get your daily yuzu intake. Vitamin A and C in Yuzu do wonders to protect your skin from the sun. When hanging out in the sun, the vitamin A in your skin breaks and create skin damage. Yuzu increase those vitamin A to protect your skin. Vitamin C also create immunity for your skin from the sun.

# Yuzu have double the content of vitamin c rather than the normal lemon. Which means, double the benefits! One of the most well known benefit of vitamin c is it brighten you skin tone. This has been used by skin product company, and they have incorporated vitamin c for skin brightening products

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