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Valentines Special- 5 Tips To Flaunt Make-up Under Glasses

By: Sandeep Sat, 10 Feb 2018 09:59:03

Valentines Special- 5 Tips To Flaunt Make-up Under Glasses

If you’re afraid your eye makeup look will get lost behind eyeglasses, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the accessory still carries a stigma that makes men and women think they should wear them only when absolutely necessary or behind closed doors. In actuality, wearing glasses presents an opportunity to better frame and highlight the eyes, as you can play more with product and applications that might feel heavy without them.

* Contour your crease

Since wearing glasses can change how others perceive the depth and dimension of your eyes, a little eye contour along the crease goes a long way.

* Use an illuminator in the inner eye, under-eye line & under-brow bone

Fredrickson also says that “drawing in attention and light to your eyes underneath lenses will help them appear brighter and wider and contrast beautifully with a darkened crease. Remember you are adding back in dimension, so choose a color that contrasts with the crease color.” The best way to do this is by adding a little shimmer.

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* Line your upper lid

Although fully lining the top and bottom lash lines can look super-glamorous, it can also feel heavy and push back your eyes underneath glasses, making you look sleepy. Instead, use one line on your top lid as tight as you can get to your lash line.

* Wing it

Concerned that your glasses are making your eyes look closer together? Simply extend the line of your eyes by extending your eyeliner with a wing. “Most glasses are wider than your eye, and it gives you the chance to do the wide-eyed look without it being too wild.”

* Groom your brows

Glasses already act as a frame, so make sure your real eye frames your brows are brushed and filled in. No need to go full squared-off Instagram-brow, just make sure they are tidy.

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