5 Things That Made 2016 FY Memorable

By: Pinki Sat, 01 Apr 2017 7:37:22

5 Things that Made 2016 FY Memorable

As 31st March is the end od Financial year, it also ended many amazing offers for the Aam Aadmi. The offers were announced by the Modi Sarkar to attract the people and get them indulged in activities. Many offers came and went off in fractions of seconds. Some got benefited of it and others just are left with black emotions. Here are few of the offers that were part of 2016 financial year-

Currency Ban

5 things that made 2016 fy memorable

The last day to get your old currency exchange was 31 March, 2017. And with the day of that day people who couldn`t get their money exchanged are now left with pieces of paper only.

BS-III Vehicles Ban

5 things that made 2016 fy memorable

On 29th late night the govt banned all the vehicles with BS-III engine. For 2 days it was a huge rush to buy those vehicles. Lucky were some you got registered, but others just kept waiting in lines for their turn.

JIO Membership

5 things that made 2016 fy memorable

After free service of calling and internet, JIO came up with membership feature. you need to get yourself enrolled to use all the features.

Anti Romeo Squad

5 things that made 2016 fy memorable

With the winning of Modi govt in UP, the Yogi came in action in full power. He took strict actions against those road side romeos. A special force is designed to work on it. It made all the romeos cry.

Fall of Cycle

5 things that made 2016 fy memorable

Loose of Akhilesh Yadav, made a statement a topic of hot gossip among everyone.

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