All About WWE Smackdown

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All About WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a professional wrestling television Show debuted on 26th August 1999. This program is originted from United states of America. It is broadcasted in 147 cities from 162 different arenas in seven different countries.  In October 2014 this show has completed its 15 successful years and 900 episodes in 15th November 2016. This name of the show is used to promote smackdown as a brand. It has two more brands Raw and NXT. WWE employees are assigned to work and perform on this program. This show is also known as SmackDown Live. It is a live format show. From 1999 to 2001 this wrestling was being played on oval-shaped TitanTron stage.

After 2002 WWE is divided in two different divisions Raw and Smackdown, duo will compete against each other. SmackDown was the home brand for many top wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Big Show and JBL. John Cena also started his WWE career from this show and rose to stardom as "Doctor of Thuganomics" on the show.He won his first WWE Championship on this show. Muhammad Hassan was the first SmackDown Champion On 23rd June 2005 in the match scheduled by the General Manger Theodore Long between Muhammad Hassan and Layfield. SmackDown made its season premiere on 09th September 2005.

Tazz was a SmackDown commentator for many years, in June 2006 he left Smackdown to join the new ECW brand. Smackdown  made its debue from MyNetworkTV. Smackdown completed its 700th episode on 18th January 2013. Smackdown logo was used in 2001. Smackdown has become very popular show and also appears on-air internationally.This show is being aired in many countries like: Canada, Asia-Pacific and Africa, Europe, Latin America. In 2012 Hulu Plus signed a multi-year deal with WWE.

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