Dreams Do Not Have Any Age

By: Pinki Fri, 17 Feb 2017 10:48:06

Dreams Do Not Have Any age

Chloe Bridgewater, a 7 year old wrote an job application letter to the Google CEO Sunder Pichai. Most engineers dream to work with Google, but end up satisfying themselves with clearing Third round of interview with any company. But, this girl made it at the age of 7 only.

The Girl had a discussion with her father about what she wants to do in her life. And thus she wrote a letter to the Google, which captured Pichai`s heart.

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The original letter explained very openly that she wasn`t entirely sure what a job was, and that she had a backup plan of either being an Olympic swimmer or a working in a chocolate factory. She added: "Thank you for reading my letter, I have only ever sent one other one and that was to Father Christmas. Good bye."

Her father said that Chloe, who is recovering from being knocked down by a car a few years ago, has had a huge boost of confidence from the letter, and is "even more eager to do well at school and work for Google" according to his LinkedIn page.

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