Kabhi Gaana Kabhi Logic Perfectly Explained By Zakir Khan

By: Pinki Mon, 17 Apr 2017 1:19:35

Kabhi Gaana Kabhi Logic Perfectly Explained by Zakir Khan

Laughing is one of the best therapy. But making someone is one the toughest job in the world. Laughing helps you reduce stress and lead a healthy life. There are very less people who are doing a great job by making everyone laugh. And one among them is Zakir khan from Indore. He has been giving performances to make people laugh out loud. A boy from middle class family is taking the internet on storm with his finest act of comedy.

Few time back he uploaded a video of him on his You-Tube channel, explaining the logic of Bollywood songs. I won`t say much. Let him do the talking only. Check out his video.

Have a good laugh

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