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Malaika Arora Would Like To Go On Cruise With Karan Johar, Farah Khan

By: Pinki Tue, 12 Sept 2023 11:50:46

Malaika Arora would like to go on cruise with Karan Johar, Farah Khan

On Monday, Malaika Arora, the renowned diva, made an appearance at the launch of Celebfie Cruise With The Stars Season 3. During a brief conversation with ANI, she conveyed her enthusiasm about the event.

"It's my first time participating in 'Cruise With The Stars,' and I must say it's an extraordinary experience, almost larger than life. I believe I'll be creating cherished memories for a lifetime," she excitedly remarked.

When questioned about her ideal cruise companions, Malaika playfully responded, "I'd love to bring along my team; I believe they would add a fantastic element of fun to the experience. Amongst my friends, I'd choose my sister, Farah Khan, and Karan Johar."

Malaika graced the occasion in an elegant blue slit dress, complementing her appearance with a radiant, dewy makeup look. Prior to the event, she gave her Instagram followers a sneak peek of her outfit through her Instagram story.

In terms of her ongoing projects, Malaika has been featured in the song 'Tera Ki Khayal' alongside Guru Randhawa. Additionally, she recently made her digital debut on Disney+ Hotstar. In the show 'Moving In With Malaika,' she provided fans with an unfiltered look into her life through candid conversations.

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