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Richa Chadha Takes A Stance On Films VS Fashion Debate Over Cannes

By: Pinki Wed, 24 May 2023 12:41:17

Richa Chadha takes a stance on Films VS Fashion debate over Cannes

Richa Chadha has always spoken her mind and never been the one to shy away from it. Known for being part of cinema that truly creates impact, Richa has had the fortune of having two films in her career be officially selected for the worlds biggest film festival, Cannes and one even winning two awards at the prestigious platform. However, in the last few years the focus on fashion at the festival in the age of social media has increased especially when it comes to Indian cinema and personalities at the festival.

Twitter and social media over has been ablaze with multiple opinions on whether fashion should be the focal point of a film festival. Richa took to her social media and said, “There’s a lot of chatter on social media about Cannes, Fashion, film etc. Just wanna say, don’t shit on anyone please. People are excited to be here, I notice the ones that are thanking brands/designers/ alcohol labels that are bringing their influencers here. It’s a gear venue for marketing no? Let them be. You will notice most people say they’re at the red carpet but won’t specify the film. Well, they’re not here with a film or for a film. Having said that, should you be so lucky to get to work on a film that ends up at Cannes… It's the best feeling in the world. It’s after all a FILM FESTIVAL, no matter what anyone says. And as an artist, there’s no greater joy and contentment than a 7 min long standing ovation (Richa said in reference to Masaan getting this honour).”

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