STRANGE!! A Goat Gave Birth To A Human Baby

By: Sandeep Sat, 02 Dec 2017 10:01 AM

STRANGE!! A Goat Gave Birth To a Human Baby

A strange and astonishing incident took place in Mysore, Karnataka, where a goat has given birth to a child who looks like man, not only that, the child has two hands, with the head and eyes, the structure of his body. Hu is like a human child.

According to the news of the media, this is a Goat named Bhaskar and this incident is of Solapur village as soon as the goat gave birth to the baby, the sensation of Bhaskar flew and the news spread quickly throughout the area. This kid is put up and people are coming from far away. The child's ears and feet are like goats, the rest looks like a whole human baby.

The veterinarian also arrived at the spot and took stock, according to him, due to any genetic deficiency, it has happened that the child is full of fluid because of this he has this condition.

According to them the child had died and the decision to preserve his body has been taken so that further research could be done.

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