Typical Things Rajasthani's Do In Their Wedding

By: Kratika Mon, 24 Apr 2017 11:44:05

Typical things Rajasthani's do in their wedding

Rajasthani's are known for their royal etiquette. Just like their royal living their weddings are also in royal affair which lasts for 11 days, almost. their uniqueness of culture defines how amazing their are gonna be. here are 5 things that explains a typical rajasthani wedding.

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1.Singing typical Groom/Bride songs... which is known as "banna/banni" for long 11 or 7 days.

2.Celebrating every ritual with extra add ons.

3.Ample number of rituals to be followed.

4.Rajasthani's are totally devoted to their gods...aur inke bina kuch kam shuru nhi hota.

5.Distribution of sweets after the wedding is over known as "laavna". Every relative waits for this very eagerly.

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