5 Amazing Shopping Tips

By: Pinki Tue, 09 May 2017 3:03:08

Shopping, is of the favorite thing among every female. She can shop for hours and still will not get tired. And every time she decides to wear something, she falls short of clothes. Shopping is a never ending process. But do you what with these easy tips you can make your shopping a great one-

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1. Prints
You should not be afraid to buy prints, just don't go for small prints that will overpower your look.

2. Armholes
While shopping for dresses for tops that are sleeveless, make sure armholes, don't expose your bra.

3. Shoulder
You need to check very properly that the top of your sleeve sit on the bony tops of your shoulder.

4. Shape
You should avoid anything too boxy or with loads of excess fabric.

5. Waistline
If tops and dresses taper in or have some seams on the waistline, make sure it lines up with your actual waist.

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