5 Fashion Tips To Look Thin In Any Dress

By: Pinki Fri, 06 Sept 2019 09:34:07

5 Fashion Tips To Look Thin in Any Dress

Every girl dreams to eat all she can and never get fat. But unfortunately that doesn’t always work for everyone. We are in the same boat just like you, and hence we’ve adopted these nifty tricks to make ourselves look thinner. From watching where the hemlines fall to styling striped outfits, here are 5 tips and clothing hacks that will make you look skinnier than you actually are.

* Shapewear

Try out Spanx or shapewear. Don’t immediately go for two sizes small or you’ll suffocate and feel uncomfortable in them. The point is to shape your body into a something appealing under your dress. Focus on your trouble spots like butt, thigh or stomach where you can tuck in with the help of a corset or shapewear.

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* Handle the Hemlines

Don’t mess up your hemlines. When wearing jeans and trousers let the hemlines fall around your ankles or an inch below it. Pleats are a no-no and should be avoided if you want to look thin. Capris and baggy pants are not a good idea either. Pencil skirts and other skirts should hemline near your knees and not above or too below.

* High Waisted Looks

If you can’t magically transform into a zero figure overnight, try high rise jeans. These will help secure and hold in that tummy rolls in. High waisted slim jeans in black and dark blue are extremely thinning and can look cute with tops and blouses for any look. They make your waist look longer and the button details catch attention at the same time.

fashion tips,tips to look thin,dressing sense tips

* Monochrome Magic

Wearing one color can be seen as boring but only if you let it. All black is a good exception to this rule. Dark colors like navy, forest greens and maroons are slimming (since they run in a vertical line) and with the right dress shape can make you look thinner than you actually are. Opt for crisp and tailored fabrics for work wear.

* Stripe It Down

Vertical stripes are a good way to look thin since they give the illusion of a longer torso. So pencil skirts and pinstripe suits and long jackets help you seem taller. Use a belt to cut your dress into two parts if you want to keep a balance. Start slowly with a diagonally striped dress that will help distort your body shape.

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