5 Tips For Men To Look Their Best Always

By: Pinki Sat, 02 Sept 2017 4:48 PM

5 Tips for Men to Look Their Best Always

Looks are an important part of women, one second. Why only women? It is more integral part of men too. A well suited up men is the most attracted one. If he is well dressed then he will catch everyone's attention and will be able to make a positive impression on others. But on daily basis men's don't get much of time to keep themselves stylish. So here we have some tips for all the men out there keep their style intact on daily basis-

# Haircut

Your hair is extremely important and can really make or break a face. If an attractive guy has a bad haircut, he will lose a few points on the looks scale. I used to think I looked fine with buzz cuts, little did I know my face shape/features weren’t suitable for really short hair. I realized this after getting feedback from others who told me, “It looks bad, you need more hair on the top of your head.”

Find a nice haircut that is suitable for your face. People like symmetry, so having really messy hair and bangs in your face isn’t the way to go. Your hairstyle should complement your head, If you have a tall or big forehead, cover it up a bit.

# Accent Pieces

One trick to staying ahead of the game is to use specific pieces that highlight your sense of style. These are what show people you’re not dressed up to be like the rest. These are clothing elements that showcase your individuality

Boots empower your masculinity even more. They’re heavier and more rugged looking having been originally made for the elite and military men over the centuries. And that’s why they’re useful for a well-defined style from head to toe.

A well-fitted suit or jacket looks great on any guy. But it won’t always make him stick out especially when others are wearing the same. That’s why pocket squares come in handy. They make the whole outfit pop. By knowing how to wear a pocket square you can edge out all the men around you and catch the ladies’ attention. Pocket squares also start a lot of conversations.

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# Clean Closet

This one is simple: keep your closet clean. Never keep anything that’s going to end up embarrassing you or destroying your style. Remember that physical mess reflects a cluttered mind. Empty the trash first – then you can start thinking clearly about your style. You can figure out exactly what has to be changed or replaced.

Throw away all clothes with holes or large stains. Get rid of everything with a loose or tight fit. Don’t think twice about it. Don’t even feel guilty. These items represent past mistakes and there’s no reason to dwell on the past. Now is the time to start fresh.

# More Social Person

If you’re naturally introverted this can be a challenge. But being social doesn’t mean you have to do all the talking. You can sit back and listen, contributing every now and then. Plus most people enjoy talking about themselves, so asking questions and listening can actually benefit you more than it can harm you. People were designed to be social and it’s an attractive quality in a person. Start putting yourself out there more often.

accent pieces,clean closet,more social person,lifting weights,perfect men,fashion

# Start Lifting Weights

Lifting weights can be one of the biggest factors in improving your looks. Whether you go from skinny to jacked, or from fat to ripped. If you lift weights consistently you will create better looking body. Your muscles will be bigger creating that broad shouldered, V-Taper look that women like. If you don’t know where to start on lifting.

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