6 Tips To Avoid Mildew On Clothes During Monsoon

By: Pinki Mon, 06 July 2020 12:53 PM

6 Tips To Avoid Mildew on Clothes During Monsoon

The met-department has predicted a normal monsoon this year. While it's reason to celebrate there is also reason for concern. Monsoon brings with it a host of problems and mildew on clothes and leather goods is one of them. How do you prevent fungus, mildew and mold from ruining clothes and leather goods? Take a look at top solutions for mildew, fungus and mold.

The smell of the first few raindrops hitting the parched dry earth nourishes my soul. I love the sudden drop in temperature and the cool breeze that sets in, as rain clouds begin to close in. I am always mesmerised by the roaring thunder and the dark grey clouds, as they hang threateningly up above me. Oh! How I love the rain. I could write a sonnet about my love for rain, but regrettably, that is not what I intend to do. There are other vital aspects associated with rains that I do not much care for.

Mildew is one of them. Mildew, moulds and fungus have a nasty way of ruining an otherwise beautiful season. They are a big nuisance that distract me from some of life's, small pleasures that every shower brings with it.

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* Use silica gel

Home improvement stores sell fragrant and plain silica gel sachets. They can also be bought from popular online stores. You will also find silica gel sachets inside packing material of most electronic goods. They are there inside chewing gum containers too. Collect and place these sachets inside your cupboards or wherever else you store clothes and shoes.

Silica gel granules soak the moisture and keep the immediate environment dry. Use the sachets liberally, keep them between clothes and in all the shelves in your cupboard for mildew free monsoons.

* Sun clothes often

Count your blessings if you find the sun peeping out during the rainy season. It is time to open all the doors and windows in your house and let sunlight in. While you are at it also open all the drawers and cupboards where your clothes and footwear are stashed. Run the fan, to create better air circulation. Doing so allows the air inside your home to warm up and lose its moisture.

If you have the time and the patience sun your clothes and footwear in the open - in the balcony, on the terrace or just hang them on the window grill. The heat from the sun will soak up the moisture in your belongings and leave them dry and fresh. Remember, to make the best of sunny days. If you cannot sun your clothes for any reason then air them as often as you can. This will discourage the growth of mildew on your clothes.

* Rinse clothes with vinegar

Clothes that have mildew growing on them can be soaked in vinegar. Vinegar is a potent agent against all kinds of fungi. Pour ¾ cup of white synthetic vinegar in a bucket of water and soak mildew soiled clothes in it. The vinegar will remove the stains and the musty smell associated with mildew.

The clothes can then be rinsed in normal water and dried.

tips to avoid mildew,mildew on clothes during monsoon,monsoon tips,clothes care tips during monsoon

* Remove mildew from leather

Swab all leather goods with a cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar using 2 parts water and one part vinegar. First, wipe off all traces of the fungus from the leather goods. Sun the goods and keep them in a dry place.

* Polish leather goods

Polishing leather good with wax polish creates a protective sheath over them which keeps moisture at bay. Use neutral leather polish on handbags, boots, belts, wallets, jackets etcetera to prevent fungal attacks.

* Removing mildew stain from clothes

Apply a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt directly on visible mildew stains. Leave on for five minutes, before rinsing and washing as normal. Lemon is acidic in nature and will also lighten the colour of the fabric. So, do not keep it on for longer than five minutes.

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