Valentines Special- 5 Jackets Every Woman Must Own

By: Sandeep Tue, 30 Jan 2018 08:04:57

Valentines Special- 5 Jackets Every Woman Must Own

Regardless of what time or season of the year it is, be it summer, autumn, winter, monsoon or whether it is spring, Jackets are pieces of clothing that remain timeless and indispensable to us. They play a huge part in the way we dress, in creating a perfect look. Do you also keep wondering what’s so attractive about jackets that you can’t keep your hands off them? Well not only do they look chic and sophisticated, but they also feel good, comfortable and give you enough space to be confident about yourself and let you carry yourself off in style. We have put together a list of some jackets that we think are absolutely necessary in a woman’s wardrobe, they are given as below:

* Leather

Maybe it’s the look of a rebellious individual who is not afraid of whatever is thrown at him or perhaps the I don’t care about the world – biker look that it has to it that has had people hooked on to leather jackets for ages. Leather jackets are definitely here to stay and definately for not shorter time span. It is one of those few classic statement piece of clothing that remains immortal with you. The patterned jackets seem to have become more popular now but nothing will come close to the classic black leather jacket. It doesn’t go out of style, and will make your professional, casual and any other kind of outfit more glam.

* Blazer

A Blazer is a kind of jacket that usually goes well with formal occasions and therefore we find ourselves resisting this almost impossible because you need to have this in your wardrobe as there are just too many formal occasions where you need to look rightly dressed, ready to make an impression! Along with, you can also simply pair up any jeans that you might be wearing with a well fitted blazer that will look gorgeous!

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* Denim

The denim jacket is a kind of a trend that existed before we were born and will most probably after we’re gone. It’s eternal. The patterns, shades, textures are the kind that not only do they go well with almost any outfit you’re wearing but it’s impossible to find flaws with it. So put on that denim jacket with shorts, jeans, dresses and you’re bound to rock any party that you’ll end up going to!

* Rain

Not to mistaken the rain coat for the one that is typically worn during the monsoon, but a version better than that of it, that looks pretty appealing, even while helping to keep the raindrops away. You can get them in whichever sizes and shapes you need and it’s the ability of being protective under good quality and yet being able to be trendy and stand out on its own that’s very attractive and makes it a must have.

* Trench Coat

The trench coat is what would be called classic by fashion critics. You can never go wrong with a trench coat and if you want to wear it the right away, it’s better to strut it during the fall, when it’s worn best. A trench coat adds some volume to your outfit by adding on another layer of elegance as you go by. Browns and ochers are the perfect selection of the trench as they are the perfect example of keeping it simple yet fabulous.

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