Valentines Special- 5 Wardrobe Stuff That You Can Repeat

By: Pinki Fri, 09 Feb 2018 07:13:15

Valentines Special- 5 Wardrobe Stuff That You Can Repeat

What can I say about clothes that haven’t been said before? Not only can we obviously not do without them, we can also get pretty selective about it. Our wardrobes speak for themselves right? No. we speak for our wardrobes, and what we want, we hang it up in there. So, along with having our personal favorites, we also have some outfits/ pieces of clothing that we often like to keep donning. Most of us have those few clothes that we wear a lot of the time, and never get bored of, while some of us haven’t yet got it figured it out. Therefore, we are here to help both of you kinds of people out in this life changing decision as to what exactly you need to have in your wardrobe at all times:

* A crisp, white shirt

This is a common, obvious one. Your wardrobe absolutely cannot do without a white shirt that fits you perfectly and goes well with all jeans that you have. It’s necessary that this be present not only for you to wear for any formal occasion as they look extremely professional and also beautiful that gives you the perfect air to breathe in and hence, makes it all the more ideal.


A must-have for every female, this has been said by people all over the world, and we can only further emphasize the need for a Little Black Dress that accentuates the body shape of a woman and automatically makes her look attractive and appealing. Plus the Lbd looks really, really hot at a get together. Good things come in small packages, no?

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* A ganji

Away from the world of fashion weeks and photo shoots, also what’s important is comfort to the body. There’s more than meets the eye and you’ll need is a breath of fresh air. This is where the Gangi steps in and it gives you some ease, so for anything from grocery shopping to sipping on coffee at home or taking your dog for a walk, put it on and carry on!

* A pair of shorts

Speaking of comfort and ganji’s, both go along just too well with any pair of shorts. Dresses at times can be uncomfortable, too much to take care of while jeans, too tight. When you are in your comfortable best and feel like going trekking or just run or jump around, it is a safe and cute option. Always works!

* Boots

Always have at least one pair of boots in your wardrobe that you can wear with pretty much anything. Boots look really stylish, sophisticated, and chic and they can lift your outfit on so many levels. Hence, don’t forget to buy that pair that will turn heads no matter where you walk in to.

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