3 Ways To Keep The Shirt Tucked In

By: Pinki Thu, 25 May 2017 7:28:37

3 Ways to Keep The Shirt Tucked in

Formals are every working individual's mandatory dress code. Shirts are quite a big deal to be handle whole day. It doesn't give a good impression when you keep on adjusting your shirt, while raising your arm or doing some work. We have spme easy hacks for you to keep your shirt tucked in.

ways to keep the shirt tucked in

1. The Basic Tuck
You open your pants, put on your shirt and tuck it in under your pants and then pull your pants up, zippers and button closed, and tighten your belt for the final finish, and hope that your shirt won’t balloon out soon.

2. The Underwear Tuck
For guys who wear an undershirt with their dress shirt, this method is very useful. It is so simple and works all the time.

3. The Military Tuck
Tuck in your shirt under your pants, zippers closed but leave the button open. You need space to perform this maneuver.

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