13 Reasons Why Skipping Is Good For Weight Loss

By: Pinki Mon, 07 Sept 2020 09:45:33

13 Reasons Why Skipping is Good For Weight Loss

Each one of us wants to lose weight faster! And yes! it is not easy as we know it. But we here are going to tell you one of the fastest ways to lose weight and that is Skipping.

I am sure you remember your school days when you would be either skipping alone or in a large group. There are so many types of skipping like crossover, forward and back, single leg hopping.

Besides being an incredibly fun game, skipping benefits include burning calories, boosting the heart rate and many more.

Skipping improves your cardiovascular system. and helps burn an intensive number of calories in a short period of time.

So why not bring those young days again and make your workout sessions more fun and livelier?

Increases body flexibility

Skipping is also as good as yoga in terms of increasing flexibility. Jumping involved in Skipping provides good strength to reflex and relax muscles. This is hence included in the fitness regime of boxers.

Constitutes as full body workout

Skipping is one of the recommended exercises for full body workouts like cardio. It requires maximum strength to skip and hence burns a lot of calories throughout the body.

Increases stamina and gets rid of fatigue

The more you do Skipping regularly the more your stamina increases. Once you develop a consistent skipping range, your fatigue starts to decrease.

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Helps strengthen your lower body muscles

Skipping barefoot has proven to strengthen your lower body muscles. It also depends on your intensity of skipping.

Induces your bone strength

With all the above benefits of jumping with a rope, bone strength is also an added benefit as the benefits of Skipping in weight loss.

Glows your Skin

Skipping requires and burns a lot of energy and hence you will gradually sweat a lot. That again, glows your skin and helps as anti-aging.

- The skipping rope should of good quality. A bad quality rope can injure you and ruin the mood for exercise.

- Skipping is an exercise which is better done barefoot.

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- Skipping barefoot has many advantages and one of them is that skipping barefoot makes your feet strong. It also helps in curing many foot related problems. If at all, you feel uncomfortable skipping barefoot, buy a good pair of shock absorbing shoes and wear them while doing this exercise.

- For women, it is very important to wear a good sports bra while skipping failing which, it can cause a tear in the breast tissues.

- When you decide to start skipping for weight loss, keep in mind the surface you are doing this exercise on. Totally avoid carpeted surfaces. Prefer skipping on shock absorbing surfaces like wooden floors or other smooth floors.

- You need a fair amount of open space while skipping for weight loss. You have to ensure that you get ample space to stretch your arms and the rope does not get stuck anywhere while skipping. If you do not have enough space for skipping, you will not be able to do the exercise properly and you may get injured also.

- Skipping being a high-intensity exercise, it requires a proper warm-up session before you start the exercise, otherwise, you may end up with an overstretched limb of muscle.

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