3 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Wine Regularly

By: Pinki Sun, 29 Dec 2019 3:08:54

3 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Wine Regularly

You come home exhausted from a long, tiring week and you open the bottle of merlot lying around since your birthday. You put your legs on the centre table as you take slow sips of what you call the best of both worlds. And why is that? Because it will not just relax you but also come with an array of health benefits. You’ve heard about how the red wine makes your heart super healthy, and it makes your skin glow. But is that all this bottled goodness is for? Your heart condition is pretty good because of all the nutrition you’ve consumed; that’s not wine is for.

Here are some benefits of wine that will make you savour it a bit more the next time

* Live Longer

According to a 2007 study, procyanidins, a compound found in red wine promotes cardiovascular health. In areas of Southwest France and Sardinia, wines have higher concentration of this compound. Also, people here have been known to live longer. Co-incidence much?

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* Get promoted

Why? Because resveratrol present in wine helps improve short-term memory. Researchers have found that people right after 30 minutes of testing showed a significant improvement in information retention and speed.

* Benefits Of Gym

If we told you that drinking wine could affect your heart, brain and bones the same way working out at the gym does, would you believe us? Well, the scientists at the University of Alberta, Canada have found that the good old resveratrol does that too!

* Reduces The Risk Of Liver Disease

While alcoholic drinks have been infamous for harming your liver, modest wine consumption (a glass a day) is known to keep Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease at bay.

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