3 Reasons To Eat Ajwain During Pregnancy

By: Sandeep Wed, 22 Jan 2020 5:30:53

3 Reasons to Eat Ajwain During Pregnancy

Ajwain or carrom seeds is a spice commonly found in most Indian kitchens. These little seeds have been traditionally used in Indian cooking and are known to have many health benefits.

Also known as the Bishop’s weed, ajwain seeds can be eaten raw or powdered. It is more widely used as a baghaar, to flavour dal preparations.

These wonder seeds have excellent curative properties which offer great health benefits, particularly for pregnant women.

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# Hormones and a growing uterus slows down digestion during pregnancy, giving rise to gas, flatulence and bloating. Ajwain seeds possess thymol, which is said to enhance the activity of digestive enzymes and improve gut health. This speeds up the digestive process and provides relief from these conditions.

# Many women have to put up with constipation during pregnancy. Ajwain seeds slow down food transit time in the digestive system.

# These little seeds are also known to strengthen the walls of the uterus and thus aid in pregnancy.

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