3 Tips To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

By: Kratika Thu, 14 July 2022 10:08:50

3 Tips To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among pregnant women and has a potentially negative impact on their lives. Around 50 percent of women at some point in their pregnancy, either early or late, or in the postpartum period may encounter pain. Most women feel it is normal discomfort and an inevitable part of pregnancy, but it unknowingly affects them physically and mentally. It is one of the most neglected issues.

Low back pain (LBP) in pregnancy have been reviewed extensively, However, there is still much ambiguity with regard to the definition of LBP in pregnancy, identifying appropriate investigations, considering safe treatment options, and decision-making regarding the use of neuraxial analgesia and anaesthesia during labour and deliver.

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# Maintain a proper posture while performing day-to-day tasks

* Use a good chair that supports the back.
* Prolonged sitting and lying down is not recommended, and there should be constant movement of limbs after every 25 minutes.
* Women should practice yoga, aerobics, and physiotherapy exercises. Exercises like kegels, pelvic tilt, cat stretches, back stretches and breathing exercises should be learned and done.
* Learn to do lightweight lifting without stressing the back.
* Have a backrest on your bed, know about the proper technique of getting in and out from the bed to maintain the proper position of the spine.

back pain during pregnancy,pregnancy tips,Health tips,fitness tips

# Home remedies for lumbar pain

* Morning walk or swimming
* Good back support while sitting
* Resting in the afternoon

For managing pain around the pelvic region, minimize activities like climbing and running that increase the pain, support legs while lying by using a pillow under the feet, and avoid too much bending of the hips and spine. Use belts after consulting a doctor to manage lumbar or pelvic pain. In case of acute back pain, just completely rest and do not exercise at all.

back pain during pregnancy,pregnancy tips,Health tips,fitness tips

# Tips to work on your posture

* When talking about the posture, stand straight, so that the lower tummy muscles are tightened.
* The weight has to be equally distributed on both feet. Avoid leaning on one side, avoid using big cushions while sitting that can cause arching of the back, and do not slouch or cross your legs.
* Avoid heels and buy larger shoes with low heels. Do not buy totally flat shoes.
* Avoid sudden movements.
* Avoid lifting heavy weights or moving furniture. Do not bend forward from the hips.
* Try to follow proper sleeping positions during pregnancy. Either sleep on one side with a pillow between the legs and a pillow behind the back.
* Lying down straight is not recommended in pregnancy.
* Massage, stretching, hot water compression, and acupuncture can also be helpful in reducing the pain.
* The right amount of weight gain under the expert’s guidance will prevent lower backache during pregnancy.
* Do take the medication prescribed by the gynaecologist.
* If severe, it should be shown to a physiotherapist and orthopedic.

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