3 Ways To Control Your Sugar Cravings

By: Pinki Thu, 10 Jan 2019 12:34:13

3 Ways To Control Your Sugar Cravings

Anything coated in the sugary goodness sounds delicious right? But we all are well aware of how bad sugars can be for our bodies. And with plenty of diet resolutions for 2019, you are probably trying to cut down on your sugars as well. But you can’t exactly stop your sugar consumption overnight. Why? Because it will affect your mind and body drastically. It will give you headaches, dizziness, uncontrollable hunger pangs, and lethargy. So then how do you manage to stick to a sugar-free diet while still staying healthy and fit? Here are 3 basic tips to remember when going for a sugar-free lifestyle.

* Proteins Over Sugars

Begin your day with a heavy breakfast of proteins like eggs. This prevents your body from craving for sugar the first thing in the morning. Carb-rich breakfasts can make you bloat while increasing your sugar levels. Instead, opt for nuts and seeds to control your sugar cravings.

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* No Grains

Eat more veggies and avoid grain free meals. You can still eat grains but limit it to once a day and if possible lessen the quantity till you remove it out altogether from your diet. You can always switch it up with buckwheat, barley, quinoa or chickpeas to keep a check on your sugar levels.

* Don’t Go For Substitutes

As much as you think sugar substitutes will help you stick to your sugar-free diet, you’re wrong. Honey, maple syrup, jaggery, dates, and agave are all sweet in their own way and tend to spike your sugar levels in some way or another. If you do like to indulge in your sweet tooth, go for cheesecakes, caramel custards and tiramisu with more protein and fewer sugars.

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