4 Natural Ways To Cure Sinus

By: Pinki Fri, 14 July 2017 09:35:52

4 Natural Ways To Cure Sinus

Monsoon is here and with that comes hell lot of diseases. Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the sinus passages. here are natural remedies for Sinus. Here are some natural ways to treat this problem-

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1. Black Cumin Seeds

-Take a clean cloth
-Add 1 tsp black cumin seeds
-Wrap the cloth
-Place near the nose and inhale

2. Cumin Seeds and Honey

-Roast 1 tsp cumin seeds
-Crush them
-Add 1 tbsp honey
-Mix well
-Consume every day

3. Fenugreek Seeds

-Take 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
-Add 4 cups of water
-Boil the mixture till water level reduces to half
-Strain the liquid
-Drink 4 cups of this liquid every day
-This provides relief from fever and sinus headache and eliminates toxins thus sinus infection.

4. Ginger

-Cut fresh ginger root into slices and boil in water for 10 minutes.
-Drink the water while still warm.
-Repeat regularly for best results.

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