4 Side Effects Of Using Hemp Oil

By: Pinki Tue, 07 Mar 2023 11:06:22

4 Side Effects of Using Hemp Oil

The oil is known to be used to treat health ailments that are minor and is also used as a dietary supplement as well and to promote good health too. This is why, hemp oil is known to be one of the most herbal and natural substances that the body can take because it is able to provide the body with essential fats and acids, which the body alone cannot make or produce. But, there are many side-effects which you should be aware of when you use hemp oil. Check them out below!

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# It Has Peroxides

If you are thinking of using hemp oil for frying, you should stop and avoid the same. If it is used for frying, it should not exceed more than 121 degrees F, say experts. The polyunsaturated fats, when it comes into contact with very high heat temperatures, can turn into harmful peroxides. You can use the oil as a flavor enhancer in cold and warm dishes though, but not as a substitute for high-temperature frying.

hemp oil,side effects of using hemp oil,Health,Health tips

# It Can Cause Digestive Problems

Many expert reviews have said that using hemp oil can cause minor side effects to the digestive system. It can make the stools soft, which, if left unchecked, can lead to abdominal cramping and diarrhea too. This can lead to loss of weight in high amounts and malabsorption as well. Studies are still on to substantiate the same, but it is said that those who have a history of digestive issues and disorders or IBS should stay away from hemp oil.

hemp oil,side effects of using hemp oil,Health,Health tips

# It Has Hallucinogenic Properties

Experts say, hemp oil, which is derived from the plant, has a neurological chemical in it, known as THC. This is a chemical that is dangerous for the brain and the body since it can make you hallucinate, cause euphoria and high levels of anxiety as well if this oil is consumed on a daily basis. This is why, those who are using supplements are told not to use hemp oil and its products before they drive, use heavy machines or operate them since the hallucinogenic properties are high.

hemp oil,side effects of using hemp oil,Health,Health tips

# It May Aggravate Blood Disorders

One more hemp oil side effect is that it can affect the bloodstream and the cardiac system too. The oil is known to affect the anticoagulant properties of the platelets in the blood and inhibit their production as well. Those who are being treated for blood clotting deficiency and cardiovascular issues or medical conditions related to it are told not to use hemp oil or their supplements.

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