5 Abs Exercises You Forgot To Do

By: Pinki Sun, 05 Nov 2017 1:52:19

5 Abs Exercises You Forgot To Do

Improving your core strength produces a wide array of benefits that can be converted into personal performance. It can improve your mindset and general psychology. Exercising the core creates more stability and develops other body functions such as strength, agility, and quick-reaction. It improves muscle groups that make up the support of your body like the hip muscle and the ones that support the backbone, thus decreasing the risk of back pains and other related issues. Here are some Amazing Ab Exercises that are guaranteed to tone your core and see quicker results. Enjoy the list!

# Tummy Tack

Place yourself into a plank positioning the foot on a surface or using a gym ball. Shoulders should be relaxed and your core must be close-fitting slowly pulling towards the middle of the back pulling your upper body with your spine gently curved and your knees toward your center. Make sure to perform proper breathing exercises between each relax state of the abs. Exhale and point your lower leg back to the starting position while bracing the core.

# Dolphin Dives

As you might guess, the initial position for this workout is the forearm plank making your arms stretched straight towards the ground with hands gripped. Make sure to straighten your back as well making hips, back, and arms perfectly aligned lifting hips upward just like making an inverted “V” angle using your upper and lower extremities. Keep the abs close-fitting and gently pull each side of the angle feeling the tension on your core for 1 breath in and out returning to forearm plank repeating 10-12 times for 3 sets.

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# Frankenstein Abs

This is very simple. Start by laying your back flat to the surface and gradually raising your left arm and right leg upwards perpendicular to the ground holding out for a set of breathes and then doing it again this time the other pair of arms and legs for 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps.

# 3-Point Hops

Begin by making a push-up position, with arms straight to the ground, spread slightly off the 90-degree mark. Keep both the feet together and the jumping out to the left side returning the plank position and then to right side making a 1 rep. of 10 of 2-3 sets.

# Side-Crunch Push-Ups

Start by making a push-up position with arms fully extended towards the ground, slowly lowering the chest against the floor using your legs to let your side muscles carry your lower body. Slowly reaching your knees towards the opposing elbow, then returning to the initial position making a rep. Do 2-3 sets of 10 reps.

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