There Is A Good Reason Why You Should CRY More Often

By: Pinki Sun, 23 July 2017 00:48:36

There is a Good Reason Why You Should CRY More Often

Crying, almost all people in the world already feel it. Usually, your first tear happened when you were born into this world as crying is a normal expression for baby. Thus, no matter if you are a child, a teenager, or even an adult, you still can crying.

Some reasons to cry is to express that they have a problem in their life, or when you remember your childhood, and when you remember someone who already dies. Indeed, crying is not always express a sadness yet crying can express anything like very happy, very nervous, jealous to your couple, proud to something and more.

# Crying can kill bacteria inside your eyes. As when you cry and the tears start to come out, bacteria inside your eyes will follow the tears and make your eyes clean and has a very little bacteria inside your eyes.

# By Crying produces tears and tears has minerals that are very useful for your skin. Tears contains protein and electrolyte. Meanwhile, both of that minerals can make your skin smoother, cleaning your skin and make your skin brightness. As a result, tears most streaming down face skin, so it’s good for your natural skin treatment.

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# After crying, your eyes produce a lot of tears and automatically your eyes feel moist. Thus, it means besides tears can clean your eyes from bacteria, tears make your eyes not dry. As a result, tears using the lubricant that makes your act with your eyes easily.

# Virus inside our body has a lot. Meanwhile, we must clean all things that are we think negative or useless for our body. Actually, there are ways to helps you to clean and kills the virus like doing sports activity every day, eat a healthy food and diet. In fact, you can start kills the virus inside your body easily. Thus, crying helps you to kills the virus from producing a process of tears.

# Crying is an emotional moment that can affect the function of your brain. It means when you have a problem and you don’t want to cry. actually, your brain is working very hard to solve your problem and hold your crying. Yet when you crying, it is over.It means your brain is getting better condition and can work normally as crying make your problem in your brain decrease and brain don’t have a work for hold your tears again.

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