5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brahmi

By: Sandeep Tue, 30 June 2020 7:00:44

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Brahmi

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is a very common household name, thrown around by elders who stand by ayurvedic medicine staunchly. It is not uncommon for them to advise you to consume Brahmi in some way or the other, either in raw form or in the form of some capsule or so. Brahmi benefits are aplenty and quite noticeable. In fact it is even believed to boost your memory and hone your intellect if consumed daily. It is said that the Vedic scholars used to consume this herb to facilitate the memorization of long and intricate passages of hymns, religious texts and scriptures. This herb does not have any particular scent and is known by a variety of names like water hyssop, herb of grace or the Indian pennywort.

* Benefits the Brain

An active compound in Brahmi is bacosides. It has been shown to stave off mental degradation that comes with age. It has also positively slowed down the effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain by helping in the regeneration of brain tissues and cells. The presence of amyloid is what causes Alzheimer’s and the bacosides in Brahmi helps reduce its effect on the human brain. Bacosides also protects the nervous system from harm and helps in the betterment of the general functioning of the neurons.

* Benefits the Liver

Since the liver is the biggest agent of detoxification of the body, the compounds in Brahmi benefits the liver in this aspect. It helps by aiding the liver in its conversion of toxins into harmless ones and into waste products. When liver function is impaired due to toxin build up in the body and the release of nutrients into the bloodstream is stalled, it can lead to complications in proper body functions. Brahmi helps the liver work properly and it is natural and effective without harmful side effects.

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* Benefits Memory

Studies have shown that Brahmi helps in heightening cognitive performances and in a recent experiment in a placebo-controlled environment involving 24 people it was learnt that Brahmi benefits the cognitive performance of the brain, blurry eye sight, and memory by increasing the power of retention.

* Benefits Dealing with Opioid Addiction

Pain medication while effective, also has an addictive side to it and sometimes you may tend to feel a dependency towards them. Brahmi rich in bacosides actually helps deal with it by eliminating the tendency to enjoy the high that comes from pain medication whereas enhancing its function in dealing with the pain. It also acts as a protective cushion around organs that might be prone to damage from use or overuse of opioids and pain medication.

* Benefit Dealing with Mental Health

Brahmi promotes mental clarity. Nitric oxide, which is another major active compound in Brahmi, helps with concentration, mental alertness, helps to deal with withdrawal symptoms from opioids that could cause depression, and facilitates the proper functioning of the brain.

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