5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Doing Headstand

By: Pinki Fri, 07 Feb 2020 6:19:33

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Doing Headstand

Yoga is the most accepted form of staying healthy. With time it has gained a lot of importance and helped a lot to stay fit. It was usually practiced by Hindu people and designed yoga as a spiritual enlightenment effort or as a medication. In modern era like nowadays people regard yoga more as a kind of physical exercise and stress management sport rather than a spiritual medication just like Hindu people did it. There are many different types of yoga and every postures gives benefits to human body. Headstand yoga or also known as sirsasana posture is linked to many health benefits. It is one of main yoga posture along with laying, sitting, and standing posture. The main things that must be notice when practicing yoga is the breathing control and right posture. Here are some benefits that can be gained by practicing yoga regularly :

# Blood pressure

Headstand posture of yoga or sirsasana can be classified as isometric postition which means it can rely on muscle tension in short period of time. This position can improve blood flow and normalize blood pressure. This is why headstand yoga is great to be practiced by people who suffer from hypertension.

# Boost Brain function

Brain is one of the most important organ in the body which control the function of other organs or glands. Brain is also known as the central of mental and cognitive function of human. Headstand yoga can increase the blood circulation within the brain which resulting in the improvement of cognitive and better brain function. Studies also mentioned that headstand yoga can make you smarter since its increase nutrients and oxygen transport to the brain. The oxygen and nutrients which brought to brain will nourish the brain cell and make sure it can work well.

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# Headache & Migraine

Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand could remove headache and migraine. Sirsasana or headstand yoga is effective to cure any symptoms of headache as well as migraine. Headache and migraine which used to be suffered by people nowadays can be very annoying. Headstand position in yoga help to increase blood flow that bring oxygen and nutrients to the body by the means it help to calm the tension inside the brain. So if you suffer from migraine or headache just try to practice this type of yoga posture.

# Sexual disorders

Since the sirsasana or headstand posture of yoga can increase the function of brain and glands system, it may bring positive effect to some sexual disorders such as menopouse syndrom, menstrual cramps, prostrate problems, sperm deficience, and other sexual problems The sirsasana or headstand yoga pose can drain out the blood from the linked sexual endocrine glands which resulting in efficiency function of sexual glands.

# Improves vision

Sirsasana yopa can directly improves the eye sight and maintain the sharpness of the eyes. When you doing this headstand yoga posture, the blood supply will move to the sensory organ including eyes and it brings many nutrients also oxygen that is important to the eyes function. Regular yoga headstand exercise can help you to prevent some eyes abnormalities such as cataract, myopia, and astigmatism.

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