Do You Know Supari Prevents You From Cavity? Read More Benefits

By: Pinki Sat, 29 July 2017 10:01:19

Do You Know Supari Prevents You From Cavity? Read More Benefits

We have heard it many time, don't eat supari it will cause cancer or will get stuck in your intestines. No doubt this is right, but this smme supari has many health benefits too. Betel nuts are known for their psychoactive and stimulant effects and are quite popular in Asia and Africa. Here are some of the health benefits of Supari.

# Betel nuts are known for their anti bacterial effects because of which it was previously used as a common ingredient for preventing the cavities. But betel nuts are less useful than other therapeutic agents for dental purposes.

# People who chew betel nut tend to produce saliva in large amounts which help them with dry mouth caused by diabetes and other health conditions. Chew on a couple of betel nuts when you get a dry mouth.

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# According to National Institutes of Health, preliminary research indicates that patients who take betel nuts show improvements in the symptoms of schizophrenia. However, the research also shows that betel nut produces side effects of tremors and stiffness in the schizophrenia.

# Another benefit of betel nut is that it helps in stroke recovery. According to Inteli Health, betel nuts are beneficial in improving the speech, bladder control and muscle strength in patients. Think of betel nut as a friend of heart.

# Betel nuts have been in use for many years as a medication to treat anemia in pregnant women. They are good in making up for severe iron deficiency and low blood sugar levels. Regular, however moderate, use of betel nut can help fight iron deficiency.

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