5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Power Walking

By: Pinki Thu, 26 Dec 2019 3:51:43

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Power Walking

Those with office jobs have a very sedentary lifestyle and need power walks to recharge themselves. Here are some reasons why you should consider pacing faster to make your heart beat faster and your feet even more. Here are 5 health benefits of power walking!

* Health Perks

The differences between ambling along at a stroll or barreling through the air power walking are evident by your improved health if you participate in the latter. Physical activity lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases by increasing the production of good cholesterol, which helps your blood to flow optimally. You also can enjoy lower blood pressure and reduced risk of contracting diabetes, some cancers or suffering a stroke if you commit to power walking regularly.

* Weight Control

Don’t be surprised if you have to notch your belt tighter after just three to four weeks into a power walking routine. Losing excess weight is one of the benefits of power walking several times a week. You’ll burn calories at an increased rate, and if you combine this fat-burning activity with a healthier diet, you’ll be looking at a slimmed down version of yourself before long. Don’t stop power walking once you reach your weight goal, because it’s an effective way to maintain your new leaner, stronger physique.

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* Stress buster

You can’t walk away from your troubles, but you can help manage the stress your challenges cause through power walking. Energy trumps fatigue and walking briskly while pumping your arms is an activity that puts the power back in your hands. The very act of getting outside lifts your mood and puts you into a better frame of mind. Armed with a fresh perspective after an invigorating walk, you can manage your stress rather than letting it manage you.

* Time management

Getting ready for a power walk is as easy as slipping into a pair of sneakers and heading out the door. There’s no fighting with traffic to get to the gym only to find all the treadmills in use when you get there. It doesn’t take that much time out of your day, either: Just 30 minutes a day at least five days a week power walking will allow you to reap the maximum benefits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which offers guidelines for the amount of exercise a healthy adult should participate in daily and weekly, says people with busier schedules can break down a 30-minute power walk into three 10-minute bursts throughout the day.

* Sleep easy

You can enjoy better and longer sleeps by engaging in power walking on a regular basis. There’s no pent-up energy to keep you twitching or tossing from side to side because you spent it on your walk. Also, it’s not only the physical activity itself that lends itself to a good night’s sleep; it’s the aggregate effects of better health, improved self-esteem and mental equanimity derived from power walking as well.

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