Cure Various Ailments That Affect Our Body With This Herb

By: Pinki Wed, 19 July 2017 8:20:33

Cure Various Ailments That Affect Our Body With This Herb

What medicinal herb comes to your mind when we talk about curing the various ailments that affect us in today's world? Maybe basil or mint leaves! But if you had missed out on fenugreek leaves then knowing its amazing benefits on health can easily make you vouch for it!

Many of us are well versed about the health benefits of green fenugreek leaves, its seeds and its powder, but very few know about what benefits the dry fenugreek leaves have for our health. The dried fenugreek leaves can be stored in a cool dry place for about six months. Also the dried fenugreek leaves are easily available in the market.

1. Bowel Movement

Kasuri methi boasts of high soluble fibre content and acts as a laxative. When soluble fibres enter the intestine, they absorb water, thus growing larger in size. Their large size puts pressure on the intestine and forces the stool to pass out comfortably.

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2. Heart

One of the major benefits of these leaves is that your heart simply loves the consumption of them. It reduces the risk of blood clotting in the heart.

3. Cholesterol Level

Kasuri methi is known to cut down cholesterol levels and will be of immense help to people with lipid fluctuations. LDL and triglyceride levels are also cut down by these amazing leaves all the while pulling up the HDL levels.

4. Diabetes

Usually bitter tasting herbs are good for people suffering from diabetes and kasuri methi is no exception. Being rich in anti-diabetic elements, this spice can take care of the glucose metabolism in our system and can control and treat type II diabetes efficiently.

5. Waste

One of the important uses of this herb is that it helps to flush out the toxins from our body and helps to clean the intestine. Flushing out toxins from our system also helps to get a clear and blemish-free skin.

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