This Veggie Will Improve Your Child Appetite

By: Pinki Tue, 25 July 2017 6:25:30

This Veggie Will Improve Your Child Appetite

Endive is one of the vegetables that usually we see in salad, especially western salad. Endive has a science name, Cichorium endivia, which a vegetables that classified in the family of Asteraceae. Usually endive served as salad. Endive is grown for food by cutting its leaves, then covering the staple and roots in the dark. New branch will appear but without sunlight will grow white and not bitter.

# Not only for small children who are sometimes very difficult to eat. But for adults in the process of treatment can be used as a fresh drink to increase appetite for post-treatment of one disease. The content that is in the endive’s leaves will stimulate or increase appetite.

# If you have problem with defecate, no need to worry about it. No need to drink a laxative medicine. With drinks juice of endive’s leaves, you can smoothing defecate. And you should drink at night before sleep, this is so that when the morning you are more fluent defecate.

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# Do you have problems with blood pressure? Or do you have hypertension? Or you have a symptoms of stroke? Do not careless about your blood pressure, it can be bad for your health. By consume endive which is contains potassium, it can neutralizes the effects of natrium which can increase blood pressure.

# If in the body you have a very high calcium level, especially in the gallbladder, it can cause gallstone disease. Or gallstone disease can also be caused by high cholesterol levels. And this disease can also be cured by drinking boiled water or make leaves of endive as fresh vegetables every day.

# One of the causes of stroke is due to excessive blood pressure. By consuming leaves of endive, it can lowering blood pressure. So the attack of this disease, the stroke, can prevent from the beginning.

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