5 Changes In Your Dog Depicting He Is Sick

By: Pinki Thu, 11 May 2017 12:26:40

5 Changes in Your Dog Depicting He is Sick

Owing a pet is one the wonderful and blessed thing. It is true that they are the most loyal and caring creatures on the earth. A dog plays with you, loves you, listens to you when you are and sometimes sleeps with you. The biggest problem with dogs is that they cannot say in words what they are going through. But they do show signs of illness or disease that you should take note of. They can show both physical as well as behavioral changes.

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1. Vomiting
Every dog vomits now and then, which can be due to too many table treats or anything that they pick up during a walk. Occasional vomiting is fine as it helps the system get rid of unwanted things. However, if your pet is vomiting a few times in a day, take it as a warning sign.

2. Diarrhea
Just like vomiting, it is fine if your dog suffers from diarrhea once in a while. Occasional diarrhea indicates that your pet has been munching on things that he shouldn’t eat, and it usually gets better quickly.

3. Coughing
Just like humans, dogs also suffer from coughs. You may have noticed your dog coughing when he has got something stuck in his throat. With some coughing and honking, the foreign body usually works its way out. While this type of coughing is good, persistent coughing is not a good sign, especially if it causes poor sleep and lasts more than 24 hours.

4. Body Temperature
Canines can run fevers just like humans. In fact, a fever is a clear sign of illness in both animals and people. Feel your dog’s nose and behind its ears to see whether they feel hotter than normal. If you suspect a fever, get a more accurate temperature by using a digital rectal thermometer designed specifically for dogs.

5. Scratching
Dogs have the habit of scratching their body, but if they suddenly start scratching their body more frequently, it can be a sign of a health problem. Excessive scratching is a typical sign of fleas, ticks or mange mites. It can also be due to an allergic reaction to something in the environment that is creating an itchy sensation. Even when dogs suffer from stress and anxiety, they may scratch a lot.

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