5 Cheat Codes To Reduce Fat In Just One Week

By: Sandeep Tue, 28 July 2020 5:21:26

5 Cheat Codes To Reduce Fat in Just One Week

It’s always disheartening when your favourite pair of jeans doesn’t fit you anymore, due to those annoying love handles you’ve acquired due to all that junk food. You may also be unhappy because you have been exercising but that extra fat just doesn’t seem to disappear. Fret not, we’re here to solve your problem. While exercise is necessary for losing weight, you can follow some of our tips to see results faster, possibly even within a week!

# Coffee Before A Workout

Coffee keeps you awake on all those nights before a big presentation, but did you know it’s a big energy booster for your workout? Coffee helps you push yourself harder without you noticing. Have a shot of coffee about half an hour before your workout, and lose more calories due to your extra energy.

# Small Plate

While this might seem like a silly theory, it actually works. Seeing food on a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking that you’re eating a lot, and thus you feel full once you’re finished. Larger plates give the illusion of lesser quantity of food and you remain hungry.

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# Core Exercises

It is possible to do core exercises at any time of the day. In fact, you can do it when you’re reading this article. Simply suck your stomach in and remain in the posture for as long as you can, then release. This simple core exercise will eventually reduce the muffin top area of your stomach and you’ll fit into your jeans better! But avoid crunches when you’re trying to lose the love handles because they tend to expand your waistline while reducing the muffin top.

# Sleep More

An essential part of losing extra weight and becoming healthier is to get more sleep. A better sleep pattern helps you to remain fresh and energised, while a poor sleep pattern keeps you groggy and hungry. And when you’re hungry, you indulge in junk food. Maintaining at least a 7-hour sleep schedule will help your brain to be active during the day and will also help you remain energised during your workouts.

# Walk More

Choose the stairs over the escalator or the lift. Walking is the best form of exercise that you need, and it is simple to lose weight by simply walking more in your daily routine. Don’t use your bike for short distances, walk. Also, walk for ten minutes after every meal, since this helps you digest your meal and burn some calories almost immediately after your meal.

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