5 Easiest Ways To Avoid Extra Weight During Winters

By: Sandeep Wed, 22 Nov 2017 12:50:45

5 Easiest Ways To Avoid Extra Weight During Winters

Believe me, it's so easy to pile up the kilos during winter…courtesy comforting fried foods, sugar laden tea or coffee and even the tempting gur-gachak and mom’s pinnies. Winter binging may easily cost you a weight gain of three to five kilos.

The main reasons for weight gain are less physical activity during winter and of course increased consumption of heavier foods.

# Get enough sun-shine

A short pre or post lunch-time walk can provide sunlight which is good for your Vitamin D status.

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# Limit fatty foods

Foods such as fried snacks, puddings, pinnies and chocolates can be limited to just once or twice a week.

# Fill yourself up with fiber

- Fill your plate or tiffin with lots of filling vegetables

- Have soup before your dinner

- Add oats, barley and dals(दाल) to help keep you fuller for longer.

# Don’t skip workouts

- Don’t skip the gym.

- Fix days for workouts and try to follow it as well.

# Weigh yourself every day

- Get on the scale frequently to make you conscious if you are putting on weight.

- Maintain record of weight and inches as well.

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