5 Exercises To Help You Lose Arm Fat

By: Pinki Sat, 20 Apr 2019 4:55:49

5 Exercises To Help You Lose Arm Fat

A fatty or flabby arm is a condition which mars the physical appearance of a person. Even though that person has a beautiful figure, the fatty arms just destroy the whole look. We share with you the list of do at home exercises that will help you to lose the arm fat.

* One Arm Triceps

This exercise helps to burn the accumulated fat in the triceps, the back portion of the arms. For this exercise, you do not need any equipment. Directly on the floor you can perform it.

* Triceps Dips

This exercise also helps to give you a pair of super sexy toned arms by working on the triceps. You can perform this exercise at home with the help of a 2 feet height chair or desk.

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* Lateral Plank Walk

Like the one arm triceps exercise, lateral plank walk also tones the muscles of the arms by melting the accumulated fat in the arms.

* Push-up

This help you enormously to tone your upper arm by burning the fat in that area. The good thing about this resistance exercise is that to perform it you do not need dumbbells, barbells or other equipment’s.

* Wrist Rotation

This is one of the simplest yet effective exercises that can help to lose arm fat if performed regularly. For this exercise, you need 2 half a kilogram weight (2 half-litre water bottles).

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