5 Exercises To Try Inside House During Winters

By: Pinki Sat, 08 Dec 2018 1:47:49

5 Exercises To Try Inside House During Winters

Working out in summers is great. Jogging, biking, hikes are all perfect. But in the winters, you dare not step out. So what happens to your exercising motivation when the cold weather rolls in? Don’t skip out on staying healthy! Here are some simple indoor alternative workouts that will keep you healthy and fit all without any pieces of equipment!

* Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn’t meant to be only for little kids. Either buy a jump rope or use a makeshift rope lying around your house. Jumping rope is the best way to get nostalgic and still stay in shape.

* Step Ups

An easy way to strengthen your core muscles is by working out on the steps. Climbing and/ or speed walking up and down the stairs will help you stay fit. If you don’t have steps, you can use a sturdy chair or a box or a short stool that acts as a step for your exercise. Place it in anywhere and get started. It might not tire you out like the jump rope but it will still help keep your body active.

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* Jumping Jacks

A kiddie game can be used as an effective exercise when it’s indoors. A cardio workout, you can try jumping jacks anytime anywhere. You can do a round of jumping jacks during commercial breaks on the TV and stay healthy. It’s that easy!

* Lunges

Lunges are possibly the easiest workouts possible in the comfort of your house. All you need to do is make some space for your leg to stretch and get started. You can do lunges down the corridor in your house as you move from room to room. It will burn with an intensity but that’s the beauty of exercise – you need to feel the pain to get the results.

* Dancing

You know its the greatest idea of all! Dancing in the house to your favourite party songs can be an exercise as well. PJs or jeans, dancing like no is watching with or without company feels amazing. It keeps you moving, engages your brain and body plus easily makes exercising an interesting activity in any weather and not just winters.

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