5 Floor Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

By: Pinki Sun, 05 Sept 2021 00:47:42

5 Floor Exercises To Help You Lose Weight

Having a perfectly toned body is a dream come true! But with the busy schedule, everybody has these days, going to a gym can be a hassle and buying equipment expensive. What if there is a cost-effective way to lose weight? Yes! Floor exercises are a great way to stay fit.

Floor exercises tone different sections of your body, giving you a ravishing look. Various fitness experts have suggested that these are good for your abs and inner thighs. Explore this article for a basic idea about the floor exercises to lose weight.

* Kness To Chest

Hips and lower back(lumbar spine) muscles are the most affected with the knee to chest stretch. It also relieves pressure on spinal nerves. It helps lose fat around your belly and thighs.

- Lie straight on your back with hands on either side.
- Now slowly fold your knees up to your chest and hold them with your hands.
- Hold them there for 10 seconds and then bring your legs back to the initial position.
- Repeat the same process 10 to 15 times for effective fat loss.

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* Bicycle Crunch

- Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground.
- Place your hand at the back of your head and bring the knees towards your chest, lifting your shoulder blades off the ground.
- Make an angle of 45 degrees to the ground straightening your right leg out.
- Turn your upper body to left, moving your right elbow towards the left knee.
- Make sure your elbows and ribcage are moving.
- Repeat the same motion by switching sides to complete a repetition.
- Try to do three sets with 20 repetitions.

* Crab Toe Touch

Crab toe touch primarily focuses on your lower back and abs. The secondary muscles that are affected are glutes, hamstrings, and shoulder muscles. Thereby this exercise highly reduces fat in the affected areas.

- Sit on the mat bending your knees, place your feet together snd place your hands right behind you.
- Lifting your right leg, extend it forward kicking, and touch your right foot with your left hand.
- Now place your right leg on the mat, kick forward your left leg and touch the left foot with your right hand.
- Repeat the process 10 to 15 times to lose fat.

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* Alligator Walk

If you want to have a total body workout improving your endurance, then the alligator walk is the workout for you. Your arms, legs, shoulders, and core are strengthened. To reap maximum benefits, keep your movements slow and controlled.

- Put yourself in a press-up pose, with the shoulder-width gap between your legs and arms.
- Slowly lower your body till your torso goes as low as it would go.
- Start walking by moving one knee up towards your elbows alongside moving the opposite arm and leg forward.
- Repeat the process 15 times.

* Bird Dog

A bird dog exercise improves your stability and simple core activity. It also helps achieve a neutral spine and relieves low back pain. It helps lose fat in hips and back muscles by strengthening them.

- Get down on all fours, arms and knees straight and palms facing downward.
- Lift your right hand and left leg, keeping them straight.
- Keep your hips squared and keep your legs and hands-only as far as your body allows.
- Hold up for a few seconds, and return yourself to the all-fours pose.
- During the entire exercise, keep your abs engaged.
- Do it 10 to 15 times with each leg, keep alternating between your legs.

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