5 Food To Be Avoided By Kidney Stone Patients

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5 Food To Be Avoided By Kidney Stone Patients

Our kidneys vital role in filtering the waste from our body. Stone pain in the kidney is arguably unbearable but medicines can be removed from the way of urine. In such a way, getting some precautions in the diet can be easier to get rid of the kidney stone. Although there may be other reasons for stone disease, but most of these happen due to food problems . When the salt and other minerals in the body come in contact with each other, then the stones begin to form. It has no fixed size. Many times they are so small that they leave with urine but many times their size is shocking.

# Taking too much protein can be dangerous

If you know that you have a kidney stone then adjust the amount of protein in your diet. Avoid eating too much fish and meat in such a situation.

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# Avoid too much sodium

If there is a lot of sodium in your diet then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Junk food, canned food and lots of salt should be made of intake.

# Avoid these vegetables

Along with these nutrients, there are some vegetables that can be grown due to seed stones. Tomato cultivars, eggplant seeds, raw rice, urad and gram more intake increases the problem of stone.

# Cold-drinks should be avoided

On the one hand, when drinking water is advised to drink more and more water , then in such a situation, try to avoid cold drink. Increases the risk of phosphoric acid stone present in it.

# Excessive consumption of Vitamin C

Stone is formed by excessive intake of vitamin C. Regular use of Vitamin C reduces the risk of becoming a stone.

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