5 Health Benefits Of Eating Chikoo

By: Sandeep Sun, 22 Mar 2020 01:20:59

5 Health Benefits of Eating Chikoo

Chikoo or the ‘Sapodilla fruit’, scientifically known as Manilkara Zapota, belongs to the Sapotaceae family. It is a kiwi-like brown-colored fruit with smooth outer skin, soft and slightly sticky pulp and 3-5 black bean-like seeds. Chikoo is mostly appreciated for its exceptionally sweet taste and flavor. But the best thing about the fruit is its amazing nutritional values as well as health benefits. Let’s explore the health benefits of chikoo through this article:

* Offers B-Vitamin Benefits

Being rich in vitamin B-complex, chikoo offers all those health benefits that are attributed to this group of vitamins. It actually has immense positive effects on our overall health as proper intake of vitamin B are advantageous for issues like anemia, anxiety, exhaustion, poor eyesight, developmental retardation, neuro disorders, cardiac diseases, and so on.

* Boosts Natural Immunity

When it comes to strengthening our immunity, chikoo plays a crucial role in our diet. It has been found to have very high level of vitamin C which, being an effective antioxidant, can give our immune system a significant boost. As a result, the natural defense mechanisms of our body go high and we remain protected from various diseases.

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* Drives Cancer Away

Chikoo is considered among those superfoods, which hold strong anti-carcinogenic properties. It is loaded with dietary fibers, potent antioxidants and cancer-preventive nutrients including vitamin A, which work cumulatively to drive carcinogens away from our body, thereby preventing different types of cancers.

* Makes Bones Stronger

Studies have revealed that chikoo contains plenty of calcium along with other minerals like phosphorous and iron, which are essential for keeping our bones healthy and strong. So, eating chikoo regularly can be helpful in balancing out bone elements and enhancing their overall quality.

* Keeps Inflammation At Bay

Chikoo is known to contain good amounts of tannins, which are extremely beneficial in treating inflammation, soreness and aching of body. So in case you are looking at a natural solution for it, include this fruit in your daily diet to make the most of its anti-inflammatory qualities.

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