5 Health Benefits Of Eatong Oats Regularly

By: Pinki Fri, 24 Apr 2020 2:22:34

5 Health Benefits of Eatong Oats Regularly

Need an energy fix in the morning? How about a healthy breakfast boost that jumpstarts your day on a right track? We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is in the morning that we consume a lot of energy catching up with our busy work schedules and responsibilities. So, when you need a good breakfast that will keep you up and about, oats will never be far from fulfilling that. Oats are the all-around good breakfast food that you will never get tired eating. It’s delicious, easy to prepare and has a lot of nutrients that will keep our body ready from the demands a day can bring.

Oats are abundantly nutritious. Its nutrition profile includes manganese, folate, zinc, iron, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B5 that comprise ample amount to meet the reference daily intake. To know how good oats are for your body, here is the list of 5 health benefits we can get in eating oats.

* Lower Cholesterol Level

Oats contain Beta-glucan. Studies show that beta-glucan is effective in reducing bad cholesterol. Beta-glucan works through increasing the amount of excreted cholesterol-rich bile from the liver, thereby decreasing the amount of cholesterol that can block the blood vessels.

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* Improve Blood Sugar Control

Another amazing capacity of oats is that it can control the blood sugar level. It works through the compound beta-glucan which delays the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Thus, it lowers the sugar level within the blood.

* Helps You Lose Weight

Oats will make you feel full for longer period. Beta-glucan promotes the production of the hormone which signals your brains that you are full. Thus, you will not eat more food which can lead to losing weight.

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* Reduces cardiovascular risk

Oats have anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals and fights oxidative stress which contributes to the hardening of heart arteries. It also has lignans and beta-glucans that promotes a healthy heart and prevent from ischemic heart damage.

* Oats helps in boosting immunity

The beta-glucan found in oats helps in fighting infections from our body. It also has selenium and zinc, these are important nutrients that ward off infections and keep your body’s immunity in tip top shape.

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