5 Major Reasons Women Gain Weight

By: Sandeep Mon, 03 Feb 2020 1:20:51

5 Major Reasons Women Gain Weight

Good health is needed to stay healthy forever. But today, staying fit is a big challenge. People have some or other diseases due to unhealthy lifestyle and polluted food. Even, obesity is one big challenge that refrain people from staying fit. Well.. to fight something we first need to understand the cause of it. In women, obesity is a common issue. There are several things that lead to obesity. Even after following right diet and proper workout they put on. If they are aware of reasons behind obesity then they will definitely fight them. Check out the following weight gain reasons in women.

* Hypothyroidism

When thyroid gland is not secreting thyroid hormone then you may feel tiredness, weakness and gain weight. Hence, your metabolism slow down and you gain weight. Treat this problem with medication and control weight.

* Antidepressant pills

It is true that antidepressants also cause you put on weight. If it is so with you too then consult your doctor but never stop medicines your own. There are times when people feel good after taking drug which leads to a better appetite.

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* Anxiety and stress

Stress in life impact your bodies too. Cortisol, a stress hormone is secreted raises your appetite. During stress, you want to eat all such kinds of food that taste yum to your tongue. High-calorie food comforts you which is a reason for weight gain.

* Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is also a very common hormonal problem in women. Many small cysts on their ovaries are developed and leads to hormonal imbalances that affect women's menstrual cycle and can lead to extra body hair and weight gain.

* Sleep deprivation

When you sleep less then you definitely gain weight. Those who wake up late in the night tend to eat snacks which mean calories intake. In fact, sleep deprivation brings changes in hormones and increases your hunger. Hence, you do not feel full even after eating.

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