5 Reasons Why Beetroot Is Suitable And Best For Your Body

By: Pinki Tue, 11 Feb 2020 11:20:58

5 Reasons Why Beetroot is Suitable and Best For Your Body

Our mothers weren’t wrong when they pleaded with us on consuming our veggies, especially beetroot. As a delicacy in many dishes or a root which brought many health benefits, the humble beetroot has been an antidote for many health ailments, such as anaemia.

In the Roman era, the beetroot was known to help with sexual needs, and in India it was known to help beat stress, insomnia, fatigue and anaemia too. Hence, the beetroot has been praised for the number of benefits it can give. Today we would like to speak with you more about why the beetroot should be in your daily meal, cooked or as a salad, hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.

* Control The Blood Pressure

To help lower the pressure in the blood, beetroots have always been a good source. This is because the root is rich as a nitrate induced fibre, which helps bring down the levels of blood pressure in the body, say doctors. Being a power house of nitrates, the root when consumed would create nitric oxides which along with nitrates help the blood pressure levels and the arteries. A cup of beetroot in any form and everyday when consumed would help the blood pressure levels every six hours stay normal. The more you consume beetroot, the better it would be for the blood, say sources.

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* Balance The Cholesterol

Beetroot also has helped many lower the cholesterol levels and the bad cholesterol in their system. This is because the root has plenty of soluble fibres in them, along with betacyanin and flavonoids. Betacyanin is a compound which makes the root purplish red, and also provides the root with antioxidants, which is important for our blood too. This vegetable is rich in solvent filaments which are dietary strands that can help in bringing down and controlling LDL along with flavonoids.

* Health Baby

For expectant mothers, beetroot would be the best thing to have, once a day. The root is rich with folic acids, which expectant mothers can highly benefit from. Even the foetus and the unborn little one would need the essential folic acid, since the component would help with the child’s spinal cord formation as well, and prevent spina bifida from happening too. Moreover, pregnant women need all the energy boost they can, and they need it for two, which is what beetroot would give

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* Bone Strength

Beetroot is rich in different minerals including silica. It helps the body in using calcium, which in turns gives quality to the bones and anticipates conditions, for example, osteoporosis and associated disorders. Beetroot would help beat brittle bones and low bone density, osteoporosis too. Supplements, for example, Vitamin C, magnesium and, which this vegetable contains, are additionally imperative for bone quality. The body needs calcium and this is found in abundance in beetroot, which would help teeth and bones on a large scale.

* Control Diabetes

Lower your diabetes and do this the natural way, a glass of beetroot juice would help any day. Beetroot has natural sugars, is low in calories and would help with the glycemic index too, which is what doctors too recommend. This would mean that the consumption of beetroot helps with the lowering of blood sugar levels in the body, and you wouldn’t crave for sugary junk delights.

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