5 Reasons Why Night Work Is A Big NO

By: Pinki Thu, 18 May 2017 2:42:52

5 Reasons Why Night Work Is a Big NO

Working out to stay fit, is now a days everyone's goal. Every one wants to look and stay fit. And with time the importance of fitness has also been increasing among people. Some people wake up early and follow their workout schedule, but for the people who are not a morning person, nights are the best time to workout. But do they know why night is considered not the good time to exercise??

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1. More temptation to bail
You've had a long day, so the last thing you want to do is more work. You're far more likely to cut out early or simply ditch the workout completely if it means you have less stress.

2. Disruptions to your sleep patterns
Working out at night revs up your metabolism, which can stop you from getting to sleep. Levels of adrenaline and stress hormones spike during a workout, preventing restfulness.

3. Fewer options

You may not be able to run or cycle outdoors because of the darkness or cold, or public transportation may no longer be running after you finish the workout.

4. No social life
When you spend all your evenings working out, you have fewer opportunities to socialize with friends. Social isolation can lead to depression, boredom, and other emotional problems, all of which could make it harder for you to get your workout.

5. Larger crowds
A lot of other people have the same idea to work out at night, so the gym tends to get pretty busy after 5 p.m. You may end up fighting for the weights and machines!

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